Saturday, November 01, 2008

this post shouldnt exists..

4-4 was a very unbelievable results for the north london derby match. it is not the results, it is the way how the 2 goals conceded that stunned most ppl. dumbstruked, dumbfounded, speechless, carut-less etc. anyway, Bentley's goal was a magic, n.. hmm.. hmm...

so the disheartened n disappointed result it was, so i went on my bike to uni as i always do.

then... zoomm/zush/broom/mbeek (bunyik lori laju r).... sikit lg nk kne langga lori. ade r stengah meter depan aku kot lori tuh dari tepi. it was totally my fault, i was impatient, berangan apebende pon aku xtau (yg dlu nih bukan salah aku). i was *^@@!@#!, n thinking of the different outcome shud the lorry had hit me. my flesh shud be all over the place n i will not arrive in Malaysia this summer in one piece (in case IF i die ere, dont bother spending a lot of money returning my body home, what a waste! kalau free xpe r.. kes2). so i was thinking abt dat incident for the whole day. shit, i shud write a will ASAP.

then i remembered Muniaq's tazkirah last week. 'apa maknanya hidup bertambah sehari' (dpt solat hajat n mkn2 mlm td kot..)

ps: sudah start packing2 n beli2 souvenir utk balik summer kang. sape2 yg nk pape silelah letakkan request anda kat komen ye! kl mintak kete holden sebijik/anjing laut/jenifer hawkins aku rembat telo korg. (saje nk kasik npk byk sket komen)

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Munir said...

kecewa gile kot tgk game tu. siot je. apa2 pon all the best for tonight's game. haih~

aku nak jersey arsenal buleh bang..? hahahha.