Tuesday, November 25, 2008

no tengo examen más en 2008

another academic yr ended yesterday, n what a yr it was. in term of academic yr, there's no shittier yr than 2008 so far. so hopefully everything will go on well for years to come.

nothing interesting happened in adelaide lately, so no pics or news etc.

n this is the final call for anybody who wud like to request souvenir etc2, im pretty much done with souvenir shopping n not looking fwd for last minute rush. i might got something better to do, n to avoid this unmanly behavior to happen, or anything similar to this one.

that's it for now, cant wait to breath in some polluted KLIA's air.

oh, hopefully Fabregas will do well as captain, eventho i'm more of a Clichy fan, surely not Gallas.

ps: yeah, every his move will make some profit

1 comment:

husna afifi said...

oleh krana wili wonka coklat xd
una nak....hmmmm
nak apa ea...
ish ...baju ...ish kang xmuat lak
xpayah beli