Wednesday, October 08, 2008

AFC + new PM + holiday cont'd

Datang ler bwk sedare mare sume!

it's good dat Adelaide Utd just won the 1st leg of the AFC semifinal against Kuruvci Tashkent by a quite comfortable margin of 3-0. i was a bit upset when the shaped internet speed failed me to at least gave me any chance of being the 1st 25 watchers to email ten news to get a double passes for the game, n studyadelaide also didnt offer any ticket, as well as Oscar. there goes all my chances of free tickets. against my mom's advice to purchace one, i stick to my go-if-get-free-tix policy. mayb if the final is held here, i'll re-evaluate the policy (by dat time, AUD1 might be equivalent to RM0.56, please keep falling). so, hopefully The Reds will win the 2nd leg at the expense of Rivaldo (the shitty actor) n co. all look good for now.


malaysia is getting a new PM next yr. we might get a fatter but richer guy, or the skinnier with back pain but still good in sodomising ppl. i dun hav much against the skinny guy, who got skinny after few yrs of eating ikan kering ala carte n dog food (according to the reporter, fuck u, the food at my skool was far worse than urs). here r reasons y the fat guy as PM is not good for us

1. he's fat, i dont want malaysians to b known as a fat country (like The US, Australia etc)
2. less hot chix, esp from Mongzolia will come here.
3. C4 stocks in the military store will b depleted.
4. he looks like Alisher Usmanov ( the face n surely the tummy)
5. i'll have to buy everything associated with submarines tru him
6. he'll keep stuffing his pockets.. for another few yrs
7. he's fat.. did i mentioned it earlier? i guess he just got even fatter within seconds.
8. i just hate everything abt him ( at least pak lah got a nice nickname)

eventho the points above r made ups and not true (except the fat one), i still hate to see the fatty bum bumming around as our new PM. If he still succeeded, i better contact Mr Zoolander to assassinate him during the next runway.

ps: I've met a lot of nice fat ppl, i just hate this 1 fat guy, owh maybe a few more.


Zacharias said...

giler anti najib.

desmond-t said...

you kurang satu label: fat people

wah, u memang anti him cukup cukup....

dia terpijak kau mia ekor ker? mana tau dia akan kasi lebih $$$ for JPA scholar???

husna afifi said...

apekah slh ku...kt dia dlm hati

Zacharias said...

kalau dia naikkan scholarship kepada student yg tak perlu, memang lagi celaka la dia.

duit taxpayer beb.

macam paklah yang gila naikkan scholarship budak2 uk, dari 400pounds jadi dekat 1000pound.

tu semua duit tax payer.

ihsan_huhu said...

kl dia naikkan $500 per student, sure la die dh kebas $5000 per student b4 dat

as if u dunno how things work nowadays!

MuzDaf said...

Ada satu joke dari negara jiran...
ada satu budak tulis surat kpd Tuhan, meminta RM$100.Postman tak tahu nak hantar pd sapa,jadi hantar kat Pak Lah di Putrajaya. Pak Lah kirimkan RM$5 saja pd budak tu.Bile dah terima, budak tu tulis lagi pada Tuhan.Postman hantar surat tu kpd Pak Lah lagi.Dlm surat tu, ditulis...
"God,thank you for the money.But next time, pls don't send it through Putrajaya;the b******s there took RM$95 of what you gave me"!!!!!

mangkuk statik said...

Betul tu ehsan. Najib tu fat. Risk faktor for cardiovascular disease, sweet urine, hernia, muskularskeletal injury(sebab berat pikul badan)dll.Nak tau pi tanya nizam ..aku fail medic nih.
Bapak najib pon kojol awal kene MI (myocardial infaction lahh Bukn mi rebus).Cuba bilang brapa banyak risk factor for IHD diaer ader.1. fat 2. male. 3 family Hx 4. age 5. lack of exercise 6. diet (tgk perut lah kan).7. stress ( tgk rambut). Bayk gler. Jadi tok sah kecoh2 kalau najib jadi PM... Sok lusa Gol lah dier.

mangkuk statik said...

baru gua teringat. Wei najib lah pencetus idea malaysia kitchen tuh..tengok perut lah kan. Sampai ke londong dier gi rasmi ari tuh. Jadi bila dier jadi PM lagi banyak duit dier channel ke malaysia kitchen program...lagi cepat aku dapat duit...lagi cepat kau dapat gaji. Jadi kau kene lah bedoa agar dier jadiPM cepat2 kalau kau nak gaji kau cepat2. Aku pon nyawa2 ikan bertahan meniaga bulan posa walupon sales menjunam.