Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TQEH week1

1. Study

finished Advance rehab last friday. started Advance Hospital Care last monday. got to b at TQEH before 7.30am for Ortho ward round. oh dammit missed the 2nd half of the UCL dis am.

2. Cycling

on hiatus. partial hiatus. err.. what is hiatus anyways?

3. Work

had my final closing shift last monday. not going to do any closing shift in these crucial 6-week period.

4. Job

already forwarded my interest to work at BHP mines in NT. not as a miner obviously.

5. others

shit, i need to go to the loo. bye.

Uploaded by arsenalist. - Videos of family and friends from around the world.
at the arsenal, even the DM doesnt do simple tap-in

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segitujuh said...

tak faham English. Nasib baik tak kena hantar Australia.