Wednesday, December 01, 2010


1. tragedi hari sabtu

we passed our clinical placement at tQEH last friday at about 12+pm. so while i went away for my friday prayer, trish n masa spent some time eating icecream at a nearby cafe.

the next morning at about 6+am, i suddenly remembered that i think i might hav left my signed stuffs at the tQEH, which was the freaking truth. i gave trish a call straight away to ask her abt the weekend physio office hour (apparently she left her whole bag in Masa's car on friday hahahaha), n then rang masa to get him to check his car, in case i left it there, but sadly again, that wasnt the case.

so my impulsive n quick decission making ability took over my logic therefore i came out with a brilliant idea

"i'm going fishing today!"

nah, more like this one...

"i'm going to cycle to tQEH, now!"

so i got there within 40 mins, waited n waited until 8+am, when Paul appeared with the key to the department. i thanked him then rushed into the office to retrieve such important documents, as well as i grabbed a couple cup of coffee n biscuits while i was waiting for the rain to ease off a bit.

since i gotta b at work at 11am, i was forced to cycle in the rain on the way back. stopped a while at a BP near my place to clean up chainparts and gears, then this happened.

jangankan kevlar, burujim musyayyadah pon boleh tembus

never had any puncture like this one before, the tyre and the tube were slit mercilessly. i ended up playing my final emergency card, to rang fared to pick me n my crooked bike up.

many thanks to Paul n Fared for their assistance.

2. my final submission?

i finished working on sunday night at 8.30pm, got home at abt 9pm with the final EBP assignment lingering subconsciously in my brainstem, telling me "u shud have done it earlier, now suck it up @#$%$#$!". suddenly, a very strange landline no appeared on my phone screen. so i picked it up...................

so it was trish calling me using her neighbour's phone (fuh~~!), n she found out that her signed document went missing too, so she might have to scavenge the physio dept office the early next morning, or she might have to embarrass herself to ask her supervisor to sign the paperwork again. (ahahahahaha, good to know that im not the only one in misery)

i did what all men do, i laughed! n then i gave some advice, then i continue laughing again. dunno what was the outcome, hopefully she found it.

the next day, it was a race against time. i did managed to submit it before the due date, with crappy grammar n some error in the numbers n stuffs, but considering automatic 10% per day deduction for late submission... im on a very tight gamble at the moment, which i may regret in a few week time.

3pm due

so what's done is done. im taking 5 days break off work n just spending some time with graduating friends.


sekian. marilah mengisi cuti dengan aktiviti bermanafaat spt bermain FIFA11, mengusha muvi dan berbasikal denga lebih intensif lagi. gatorskin sudahpon diinstallkan kat Orbea Euskaltelku yang tercinta.

n kepada pelanggan2 yang dikasihi, selamat maju jaya. cilakak lu mangkuk!


update: i believe Im fucked.


wafa azman said...

hahahahahaaa.. post lawak for my bedtime story..heheee~

n said...

ooooooooOOOOOOOOOooooooooo tau dahhhh ;)

ihsan_huhu said...

wafa: dah lame aku xbuang mase lebey2 tulis mengarut2

n: lambat gle ko nih