Sunday, July 27, 2008

week 16 + cuti abes+MC08 promo

against Western Strikers at home. as usual, only the U-19 gained points, which made them the league champion, with 2 more matches remaining. same goes for the Western Strikers reserves team. n their seniors win also put them in contention of promotion to super league next season. so the final fixture at homeground really reflects the whole season, lack of luck n poor finishing!

results: Foxes Vs Strikers
U-19: 3-1
Reserves: 0-2
Seniors: 0-1

n i still have few more weeks to lay my eyes on Che, a checkout chix at the nearby Woolies. too bad it closed early yesterday!


cuti (yg boring) dah habis. hopefully the new sem will futher enhance my CGPA.

be a qualified drug abuser today!

oh.. marilah berMC08... supportlah program anjuran En Mong n Co!

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