Monday, August 04, 2008

another flight misery + MC08

another day, another shit.

recieved an email about clinics next yr, n the pre-clinics gonna start on 2/02/09, n my flight KL-Brisbane will b on the 15th of the same month. WTF. so i emailed the lecturers, n their respond was surely disappointing:

Mr X: Change the ticket! (not possible, stated in the condition of the sale)

Mr X: next time check the study timetable 1st ( i bought the ticket last 2 fucking months, dickhead!)

Ms Y: if u cant attend pre-clinics, it is reccomended for u not to enrol in the clinics next yr bcoz of high risk of failing (fair enuf.. then hav to waste another 6 months??)

so, i went to MAS, purchasing another ticket is the only option.

so another $400+ disappear from my account, will depart Malaysia on the 1/2/09 0800, n scheduled to arrive in Adelaide 2150.

congrats Uni, u really know how to make me spend big!

ps: MC08 best! wa caya sama lu Mongster!


ahmad syafiq said...



husna afifi said...

alkisah nk jd kaya raya
rilek r bro
duit ayah duit ku jua
duit mu pn duit ku jua
duit ku bukn duit kome

zacharias said...

sabar-sabar. nanti claim dr en zaki