Monday, August 18, 2008

08 final fixture + AAMI + Hindmarsh

the final fixture of 2008, away games at the South Adelaide Panthers. i took the 9.02 am train to Noarlunga Ctr, and get off at the Christies Beach station, and Murry picked me up and drove me to the ground. the result of the seniors game is important as Enfield n Panthers r battling to avoid relegation. the Enfields r hoping dat the Panthers will not gain 3 points, while they need a win on top of dat.

so the results r: (Panthers vs Foxes)
U-19: 1-1
Reserves: 2-1
Seniors: 1-0

big relief for the Panthers, and a big celebration it was at their clubhouse (??!!). The seniors'captain gave me a lift back to the city, and he phoned his bro, who is the Enfields' captain to check out the condition over at the Enfields ground. he felt bad for his bro. Enfield won 4-0, but will be relegated to the state league next season.

Many thx to the ppl who helped me a lot at the club. looking 4wd to next season!


busy weekend for me:
friday: jage booth IAW from 1-4pm, then p usha footy kat AAMI
Sat: kje atas td tuh...
Sun: jadik ref for the 2nd leg of Highgate-Bradford annual cup... n a shitty 1!, then p usha 1st fixture of A-League at the Hindmarsh std, Adelaide Utd mng 1-0... hohoho...

gamba time halftime, p ngn a new fren, Franco, met him during the IAW.
gamba2 train n AAMI ade dlm kemere fawas lg.. huhuhuh

skang nih dh demam r lak...!!

ps: aku pass test last week, yahuuu!!

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