Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SPP done. what's next mr croc?

1. SPP
this ultimate fitness program was launched circa 2007 by Mr ACS (currently known as Dr ACS a.k.a Mr Buaya) with a few exclusively chosen participating members.

i believe i have completed the mission. hahahahhaa

tips: find something physical u like, practical n sustainable.

2. IELTS part II

after a very anlytical thinking, i arrived to a decision to retake the whole thing instead of submitting a re-mark application for my writing part. another $320 gone.

so the next test will be on 5/03/11. hopefully it'll b the last one, but u'll never know.

3. work

ok skip this part

4. V-day

ok skip this part as well

5. sports

i bought a new tennis raquet, n i think it suits me well. now i just need a cute blonde hot-looking russian chix to b my playing partner.

oh snorkling this sunday iA.

6. Juniors

lets break some legs!

weekly update's done. i desperately need a haircut, i might just do it myself.


Sarah Ramli said...

haha. botak je terus. senang.

husna.afifi said...

wilson!!!!! (boleh bw racket g pulau maana2)

n said...

asal ade baju sanosuke sagara kat situ?

ihsan_huhu said...

dari kecik aku dok botak je boasn r plak

hahahaha. gle sewel

tgh usha balik series samurai x tuh. br episod 30 lebey.

n said...

jangan tgk anime dia.. baca manga dia.. anime tu after lawan ngan yg balut2 satu badan tuh ape ntah nama dia, diorg wat citer sendiri..sak gile