Monday, April 20, 2009

[isi sendiri]

1. let's start with football results. last saturday it was against SASI. against the talented teenagers, the senior game was marred by bad refereeing, which saw 2 cumberland players red carded n few more yellow carded. but in the end it was the foxes who had the last laugh. results:

SASI vs Foxes:
u-19: BYE (even SASI's average for snrs team is 16yo)
reserves: 2-2
Seniors: 1-2

n the results for the Cup rnd last monday:
Foxes vs The Cove
u19: 9-0
reserves: 10-0
seniors: 5-2

ps: WTF arsenal is out of FA cup. disappointing result reflecting bigtime disappointing display.

2. Menghangatkan rumah budak2 pompuan a.k.a housewarming umah dak pompuan kat2 epot, n highlight of the day was dimakan oleh aini depan2 diorg. xpe, bak kata pepatah; ade ubi ada batas, lepas korek buleh buat tapai ubi. i know i'm well inspired by "The Wedding Crasher" but i won't b attending girls' stuff if not invited k. kalau laki mmg aku balun je.

esok housewarming umah ovingham plak. caya la korg. korg mmg cun!

3. Food Safety Course with the HJ today. 9-4pm having fun at it's distribution centre, had lunch with Daddy Eddy at the Vili's. the best thing is we're paid for those 7 hrs. Not bad for a monday.

4. The shower is under renovation, so it's kinda fullfilling to have baths in the backyard kampung/asrama-bile-xdek-air style. it's refreshing, it's liberating, and it's not too bad for an autumn outdoor activity, the weather is nice and windy, u know what i mean.

5. other stuffs

Japanese Malaya Invasion notes i bought from ebay, i assume they r fakes (can't really tell), but since i did not spend a lot on them so no big deal. more pics ere.

FYI being fucked in prison will never b a pleasant experience, n u can see it here.
(EXTREME GRAPHIC IMAGES, basically a rapist's ass being torn apart by other inmates)
less graphic image here, part of my age old pain pleasure habit as if anybody cares.

Love dat french part!

last but not least, i love Hi-5. ok dat's it go do other stuffs n get a life!



byk nye pic..

husna afifi said...

una suke hi-5
5 to the air
lets do it together!

ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

kayo den kayo. hahaha

ihsan_huhu said...

to damia:
bese r... nih ko bp kl nk tuka name nih.. haih

to una:
owh kelly..

to syafik:
xdek r kaye, buleh r kais pg makan sampai esok pg


heheh.. saje je nak wat awk confius..

mediaposter said...

layan giler duit jepun tu.. wooooh..

how much eh?