Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ayaan hirsi ali

ini adelah contoh pemutar belit agama masa kini. name die Ayaan Hirsi Ali
i think she's just confused between religion stuffs, tribal stuffs, crimes and bad luck.
then suddenly with "sufficient" research and understanding, she wrote a book n then make a movie.

she is not the problem, but the things she talked and wrote are nothing but big Lies and Twisted in every way that she could.

how can a muslim allowed to rape women when even having sex out of marriage is prohibited ( if it's allowed, y do u think i would waste my time writing blogs and watching tv?).

n she got every media access and publicity too. unfair? advance australia fair.

terbace artikel sotkaba kat library td.

lot more to learn.evaluate.decide.

baik aku usha gamba Miss Japan yg mng drpd aku usha muke die yg x cun tuh (hadari! hadari!)

ps: 2 hari lepas ade artikel psl Lina Joy dlm The Advertiser.half page. xlupe juge dlm paper td psl Gay Bashed kat Moscow. haih


isuzu_aizu said...

bace kat wikipedia dia ni one of 100 most influential people in the world. ohhhh gile arr dia merapu pasal islam

Anonymous said...

cis2..org camni tipu sana cni bole laa pulek dpt publicity & duit...kalo cemtu dh lamer aku bole bwut science fact sendirik pastuh demand Nobel prize...

Note: Nk jwb paper exam pon blom tentu dpt 100%...cbe bg minah tuh ambik xm psl Islam seround..konfem kna re-sit sampai org pon dh maleh bg dia kerusi...

azad said...

kita tak cukup hebat utk kemukakan tokoh2 kita.... sebab tu orang seperti tu guna setiap peluang yang datang utk 'up' kan diri.

There're always motives behind each move. Crack 'em down!

Put forth our thinkers!

fakulito said...

jom pukul dia!