Thursday, July 28, 2011

journey to the west

1. Adelaide
rumah paradise

cycling to Glenelg with Omak

budak2 wilcox st

budak new kirby + paradise

2. sydney
thx wannas n co
3. Newcastle
nobby's beach
4. Wollonggong

Ayoh Zang & co

in perth atm, the 1st rainy day on my "trip" so havn't explored much of this side of oz. finger-crossed for a better weather at midday or i might give up on cycling to freo, n the city of course.

remember the times when she wasn't so famous, less crazy and definitely cuter?

what lies in the future? God knows. i'm so quick-sanded.


zach said...

i thought girls go topless on australian beach..

Dr. Ben said...

hahah... bila la aku nak ke adelaide lagi ni

ihsan_huhu said...

only seen one so far on public beaches. it's not allowed.

dr ben:
p tpt lain r plak

yanaSham said...

ngape ang x cycling jah balik mesia??
untung2 msk m'sia b.of rcd.

ainishamsi said...

aku rasa aku ingat lagi masa ni. haha. masa tu mmg tak glame gile lagi. haha

ihsan_huhu said...

kl buleh mmg aku dh wat dah

tuh r sket nyer cute