Monday, January 08, 2007

Ber YM bersama pustakawati

Paradise, mon, 1/8/2007 12:32:04 PM

asknowim: HI
asknowim: this is Belinda at the National Library
ihsan_huhu: hi
ihsan_huhu: my name is ihsan
ihsan_huhu: do u have that book?
asknowim: I'll just check our catalogue and see if we have that book
ihsan_huhu: ok
ihsan_huhu: thanks
asknowim: We don't seem to have it at the National Library, I'm just checking Libraries Australia now, to see if any other libraries have it...
ihsan_huhu: ok
ihsan_huhu: thanks a lot
asknowim: There's no record of any holding libraries in Australia....
asknowim: There are a few other options if you would like to get hold of this book...
asknowim: I could try searching some online second hand book stores to see if its for sale
ihsan_huhu: there are few at
asknowim: Or your local library could try to arrange an interlibrary loan from overseas
ihsan_huhu: can i?
asknowim: There would be a cost involved in this of around $26
ihsan_huhu: owh
ihsan_huhu: i see
ihsan_huhu: i'll make up my mind 1st then
asknowim: Ok, I'll just give you the ISBN No. for the book: 1590080025
asknowim: This will make it easier to find when searching library catalogues or online book stores like amazon or
ihsan_huhu: owh
asknowim: You can search on the ISBN, or quote it to book stores and they'll be able to find the a record of the book easily using this number
asknowim: Sorry, I couldn't be more help:(
ihsan_huhu: its alright
ihsan_huhu: u hav done ur best
ihsan_huhu: thank you very much
ihsan_huhu: this service is really great
asknowim: You're welcome
ihsan_huhu: easy and fast
ihsan_huhu: thanks again
asknowim: And thanks for the nice comments! Please IM us again if we can be of any more help
ihsan_huhu: yeah sure
ihsan_huhu: no problem
ihsan_huhu: have a nice day
ihsan_huhu: :-h
asknowim: Goodbye and thanks for using the AskNow! Instant Messaging service. Please help us to improve and evaluate this trial service by filling out a quick survey at

at 1st without looking at the ID, i tot it is just another "hi, view my profile, got sum XXX pic there", then i remembered that i just added this ID to my list on saturday. thankfully i was too occupied to click the "ignore" icon.

fenomena pre-peperiksaan (lihat tarikh gambar)

for a non-library-goer like me... i never knoe this kind of service is available... got smileys sum more... cayalah... budak2 Oz silalah add ID tersebut.

ps: sape2 nk tau ape buku yg diusha... p la search ISBN no atas tu.. wahuahuhuaa

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The cross and the crescent ... hehe