Wednesday, January 17, 2007


at around 3.45pm, my house went black-out. it really killed my life. no tv, no internet, no fan (luckily today is not as hot as yesterday, just about 33-36 C). my 1st thought is that the bushfire around adelaide hills may have affecter generator nearby (this happened in victoria yesterday). since my watching news routine was disrupted, i decided to go cycling. my long absence from such physical activity only allow me to cycle one-third of the distance i used to. on my way back, i glanced into the neighbous' houses and all of them seems to have no electricity supply problem.
it was around 7pm when i found out that the EnergyAustralia's hotline is already closed. i spent few moments to work out, is EnergyAutralia is the electricity provider of the house ( there's only "gas" stated in the bills).
so i approached an old lady (a neighbour to be exact), who was leaving the rubbish bin in front of her house. i have to shout a bit since she's already walking towards her house. she's so kind that she ask me to bring her to our house's meter box, and pointed out to me what to do. i thanked her and she walked back towards her house while i started the process of "gaining" back the electricity.

fine wire n meter box

it is only as simple as changing a string of fine wire of one of the fuse. the fine wire can be found in the meter box. so now, i can surf the net again n write this post, courtesy of "makcik yg suami die meninggal"

moral: proven.. having a good neighbour is a bless ... and important!!


Anonymous said...

peh... respek!

Anonymous said...

black out=keluar gelap/gelap keluar

ada bakat. nanti boleh di rekemenkan masuk TNB.

zacharias said...

haha, kelakar sungguh mu

isuzu_aizu said...

wah senang la nnt kalau blackout leh call 83361323 je utk dptkan bantuan =D

Anonymous said...

ada anak perempuan tak?

Anonymous said...

Da Man Edinburgh tak patut tanya orang....orang patut tanye die... "single lagi ke?"

Same goes tu encik tuan rumah

ihsan_huhu said...

anak pompuan not sure, but anak laki super balak ada.. confirm.. azad sure mau..

manusia said...

aku tader tenet dari smalam.. igt kena block ke apa.. server prob rupenye.. ade staff tetumpah teh tarik atas kabel network.. tpaksalah berstadian semalaman tanpa tenet.. sekarang sudah pulih mulih..