Saturday, October 20, 2007

$1000 in ten days, anyone?

i found 1 ad on uni job page, great offer, but considering hav to miss solat subuh for 10 days, i did not apply for it. suitable for people with long sleep ability and like to do a bit of exercise like my fren ACS. so come on, only 2 persons needed... by now this exciting position might be taken oredi..

Sleep study participants

Sleep study participants
$1000 for 10 consecutive days
Centre for Sleep Research, UniSA, North Terrace
  • The Centre for Sleep Research is conducting a study into recovery from sleep loss, and we are looking to recruit 2 participants to take part.
  • Participation involves staying in the Sleep Centre for 10 continuous days in November (without leaving), during which you will be required to complete an array of performance tests every 2 hours, beginning at 9:00am.
  • This is a control condition, so there is no sleep deprivation involved. Instead, your sleeps will be 9 hours (from 11:00am to 8:00am) in length. (shud be 11pm-8am)
  • During all sleep periods, your sleep will be monitored using standard polysomnography, which consists of electrodes attached to your face and scalp. You are also required to refrain from consuming any alcohol, caffeine or medication for the 24 hours prior to and during the experimental period.
  • You will be compensated for any inconvenience associated with your participation in this study. If for some reason you do no complete the entire protocol, you will receive a pro rata payment.
Application Procedures
  • There are a number of screening criteria that must be satisfied before you can take part in the study. These include being a healthy, non-smoker, aged 18-35 years old, taking no medication and with a regular sleep pattern.
  • Before commencing the study, potential participants will be required to complete a 7-night sleep/wake diary and attend a screening interview where they will complete a general health questionnaire.

Contact Details

Ms Rebecca Tremaine

tahukah anda akan kewujudan simbol Ovingham ini?
(br pasan smlm gamba2 aku sume bertarikh taun 2008, uhh)


zacharias said...

another 'get-paid-to-sleep' job. So far I have known 2 similar jobs.

1- pilot, they have to sleep when they are supposed to sleep, so that they are not sleepy while flying the plane on long haul flights.

2- people say the oldest profession in the world. they call it although they dont actually sleep. the 'sleep' may involve some cyclic motion.

ainishamsi said...

weih, mane ko dapat gambo mende tuh? kat kilkenny? apekes ade name ovingham situ? btw, baik ko try nih, ade offer volunteer utk cardio health check utk uniSA physio studies. free wooo.

ihsan_huhu said...

cardio check? dlm lab mcm dh slalu buat je... mls aku.. wat penat je

bukan kat kilkenny, otw to kilkenny.. tnylah intan utk pengetahuan lanjut

Ansari said...

qadha solat sbb 'tertido' boleh kan? haha.. main2 jer..

1000 utk miss solat subuh.. tak dapat..