Wednesday, March 16, 2011

kurang green tech & poor planning

marilah kita mulakan session minggu ini dengan one-minute-silence utk penduduk2 Jepun. n kepade rosnah mancur, 1 year silence. as much as i thought u r quite dumb, i never knew u r such an idiot. no wonder the arab kings paid you to come over to their kingdom, for a bit of old-style stand-up comedy gig i suppose.

1. Tsunami

i was in Tailem Bend having my fush&chups when i saw the news on tv. it looked much better than the scene in the movie 2012. can the world cope to rebuild with this chain of endless natural disasters? what will happen tomorrow?

argh kne kawen cepat r camnih.

2. Lameroo trip

alpacas r guardians of lambs

it was a different kind of experience. this is not the 1st time i stayed at a country place, but it did not fail my expectation. well, the 1st time i was on a farm, i shot guns. it requires something special to top that but Lameroo was special in it's own way.

i got to drive a big farming tractor n herded sheep, woke up to a vast uninterrupted view, had quiet and peaceful nights. sounds like im ready for retirement already.

Rufat, a dude from Azerbaijan, and i were blessed to be placed with a lovely couple as our host. we stayed on their farm estate, and helped them with sheep n stuff.

other activities were sheering sheep, boomeranging, spotlighting kangaroos etc. more pic here.

if u feel like "ah pegi xajak..." . aku dah letak ad die kat FB so pandai2 lah ye.

background song: wearing white.

3. housemate

housemate aku sorg baru lari balik mesia. tau2 je dh ilang. so skang nk kne carik housemate baru. sape2 yg homeless tuh kontek r aku.

sape2 yg nk blah dari rumah tuh, bawak2 r bincang. jgn blah camtuh je.

4. lain2

- arsenal? disappointing as usual. 4 reduced to 1 n it's hard to stay positive with all the injuries.
- aku xkerja arinih. gile awkward abes.
- had a sweet dream abt my IELTS result. i remembered the last time i did my IELTS test, i had a similar dream as well, and the result was identical to the one in the dream. hmmm...

ok la cukup la tuh, nk kne p plan mcm2 n menambahkan lagi pengguaan green energy. green energy ur fat ass la makcik oi!


Wahida Shukeri said...


panggil aku sheh said...


ihsan_huhu said...

we might lost but we dont cry like the pussy nani

aku mmg comey pon. thanks r.

yanaSham said...

ha, tau xpe.kawen cpt.

Anonymous said...

mmg la kuang ajor kalau housemate blah camtu jer..paling malas pon btau laa a week b4 nak blah..aku pon penah ade housemate camtue..sabar je lah..hahaha

wafa azman said...

kesiannye..housemate ko ni kurang berbahasa sungguh..sabar je ek..

kawin!!! lajuje ko pk kawin..hahahah~

ihsan_huhu said...

jom r.

tuh r aku pon xpaham knape xleh nk kasik tau dlu b4 balik.

aku tau ko lg laju. buat2 kalah ngn aku lak

zacharias said...

best part:"ah pegi xajak..." kadang2 orang mesia ni, kena orang lain pergi dulu, cerita, baru la nak buat. kalau tak, semua macam takut2/ tak peduli

zafi said...

Nice entry :)

ihsan_huhu said...

sbb tuh before tuh kl org tny " ko pegi ke x?"

jgn jawab.

err... hi