Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SKBG episode I

berikutan byk berita spt ini, saya ingin merakamkan jutaan tahniah kepada SKBG kerana masuk suratkabar. femes lak kompeni nih skang.

i may hav lost my left leg due to the accident 8 yrs ago, luckily the crushing force is just enuff to split my shin a bit and break my bones (tibia n fibula) . absence from football and loosing the armband to a colleague was a low period i would say, but nothing more than that.

yesterday, in the middle of the TEN news, there was a breaking news come in, a head-on collision which caused immediate death to the driver. if TV3 or TV1 r about to do the same thing, they wouldnt hav enuff time to talk about other things.

william hung with birdflu...

hidup mati, susah senang di tangan tuhan, ditangan Allah Azzawajalla (lame xjumpe quote ini.. hahaha.. budak2 IB)

ps: sudah letak balik link2 gambar, carik la kat tepi. dah tukar to multiply n myphotoalbum


Anonymous said...

beh lagi suara cik nas

ainishamsi said...

i sense something different. hurmm..