Sunday, August 05, 2007

messed up..

do some catch-up with some old fren... never thought it gonna come with a ʇsıʍʇ... i mean a BIG one.

really ʞɔnɟed me up n messed up the very remote area of my brain.

sociology essay havnt started yet, hav to prepare a skit for primary skool visit in 2 weeks time.

my english master told me : it may be a blessing in disguise ... who knows...

ʇıɥs happens!

Football Coach Pulls Off the Best Trick Play Ever

clever play.. (xjupe ID video nih sbb en Master bz berexam.. huhu)

btw, thanks to Papa for the farewell party. i'll upload all the pics later. got to sort out things first (at least qada' my sleep.. kes2).. tahniah to Kedah too..


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ainishamsi said...

akhirnye, ko mengikut jejak langkah aku. entry yg x difahami. wahahahahahhaha!!!