Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 wrap ups

1. X-mas

my christmas pressie

hasil hari bertumbuk

2. kje

xg kje smlm sbb rs cm nk demam. tp still cycling city-t3-paradise boxing day nyer pasal.

3. bola

arsenal mng smlm. fab main 20+ mins score 2 bijik pastuh kuar injured. npk mcm bukan injury yg trok. paling lame pon aku rs 2 mggu out.

futsal smlm xjoin atas pelbagai sebab. dgr cte budak2 nih kenduri pak2 arab tuh smlm. congrats2.

4. 2009 recap


2009 will b remembered as a 'complecancy vs potential' year. it started well with 2 additionl to our family members, huhahuha kat bali etc. it was full of promises until disaster structs mid feb. i got 2 safety warnings thus failed the acute care placement. i guess i was too complacent & didnt work hard enuff to get tru the placement. then came the adult rehab placement, which i think i worked the hardest ever. i managed to scrape tru to pass the 4-week placement. i really had to plan my week ahead, so dat i can reach dat work(2 works)-study-bola balance. 1-hr afternoon nap was a rare treat for me truout the 4 weeks. i spent most of my time either at work or at uni preparing the paperworks. thank god i passed all other 3 placements, which some of them i believe i could hav done better.


i started working at HJ in feb, with the help of eddy, n my bank acct grew healthily eversince. i've robbed >10k of HJ to date, and i still have 2 other part time works which r enuff to cover the rent & bills. the most important thing is, im more independent and shud i fucked up my subjects (again), i got money to cover them. at this age, being independent is the most important thing. stuff girls & football!..err... that cant b rite. stuff whatever got to b stuffed for now.


social time is significantly reduced due to bz working-studying schedule. im lucky if i get 1 afternoon of football a week, and overnight at other ppl's places are not as frequent anymore (much to you ppl's comfort). im not dumping frens for money, it just something i have to do, which i already explain above.

i also spent less time for ISOC activities (keimanan mcm berkurang je skang nih), less news watched n less free tixs received as well. i didnt hav the time to watch adelaide utd matches at the stadium yet the 2 visits there (cup & league finals) were the most memorable of all.

other things dat happened:

the good: beraya dgn ki, sponsored berhuhahuha in brisbane
the bad: a lot (typical)
can't complain: tokwan meninggal, work sux!

to conclude this, i would like to say sorry if i did anything wrong to anybody, esp those ppl who finished their study already. kalau aku ade hutang kasik tau, kl hutang budi nk claim pon kasik tau. kl korg hutang aku tuh pandai2 r bayar k!

so hopefully 2010 will b the yr i study harder to graduate in dec, and making some more money along the way.


balqissy said...

canteknye that coat. eh, coat kan tu? haha

ainishamsi said...


aku rasa ni entri yg paling sincere ever.

selalu kau, kalau mintak2 maap ni ko suh simpan utk raya, but since raya thn dpn aku dah tade kat adelaide, aku nak mintak maaf gak aaa weih.

all the best bro! kawen jemput!

ihsan_huhu said...

itu bkn coat la, tuh jumper

aku mg semakin hari semakin jujur. nk simpan sampai raya pastuh hantar kad raya pon ok

ainishamsi said...

tade kes aku nak anta kad raye kat kau. wall fb sudeyh said...

sape bagi hadiah krismas?

ihsan_huhu said...

btol. xyah membazir duit bayar stem etc

manager tpt kje aku yg plg cun. kl dtg HJ gilles plains ade nampak manager muke asian2 tuh ye r tuh

balqissy said...

oh.. smart! nak gak la yg cenggitu. =D

fiezanur a.k.a adik said...

sincere2, all the best!!

maryam said...

ni apa kawin senyap2 ni....tau2 dh ada wife org putih...isk2...

ni mau kne ketuk dgn umi ni...

ihsan_huhu said...

owh aku mg nk blikan utk ko pon arituh, tp terbeli saiz aku plak.

chet, dh dkt 7 taun ko knal aku xkan nih 1st time aku jadik jujur kot?

kak bab:
hahaha... bkn omputih r, mix vietnam-german. muke amoi mate ijau. hahahaha

Owner said...

Apesal "My Husband"? Haha dasat ko San..

dianarahmanO said...

congrats dh kawen. minah saleh tu. woohooo.

ihsan_huhu said...

sape ko? itu lawak2 tpt kje r

tuh nnt lepas dh kje leh r

chika said...

selamat tahun 2010 kepada kau.

angchoonseong said...

happy new year!! nak pizza hut free kalau jumpa ko nanti.

ihsan_huhu said...

slmt gk

next time we'll meet sure la u dah jadik dr ang, u blanja la weih