Sunday, June 14, 2009

less bz weekend

1. Tdo

alhamdulillah, minggu nih sleeping hrs much better compared to prev 2 weekends, n given the weather, nothing is better than sleeping (unless u r married)

2. kje bola

games were played at the South Adelaide Panthers' ground. an u-19 manager picked me up at south tce at 9am. all the ppl tot i am recovering from fri nite hangover due to my swollen eyes. they're just some allergy reaction from the nite b4. well how come u got hangover if u never drink?
i didnt stay for the Seniors game since im a bit time-sticken due to write-ups n work, n thanks to Ross+ his mum ( i guess...) who gave me a lift to UNISA CE.

so the results r:
(Panthers Vs Foxes)

U-19: 0-1
Reserves: 1-2
Seniors: 1-4 (what a game to watch dammit)

3. Kje HJ

did closing last nite, went pass a fellow worker's car, n 2 secs after dat i heard a chkchkboom sound (they were more like a skidding followed by crashing sounds). i turn around n there was a car i saw 2 secs ago, crushed into a light pole, but cruched into a car on the otherside of the road b4hand. everybody was fine, but there were 2 firetrucks, 4 policecars (2 officers in each), n 1 ambo attending the crash scene. that shows how ineffective these ppl work, n what a waste of taxpayers' money (donuts n coffees r not included)

"seriously, u have to leave" said a policewoman in a very unfriendly + cocky tone. just another reason to dislike the ppl in the uniform. well at least they didnt ask for money, which is good enuff.

n im going to work in an hr, n likely to b back at 1+am again like yesterday.

what a waste of fur... huhu

more pics ere scroll bawah2 sket utk tgk latest pics. mls nk rearrange.


xuen adyla said...

maybe she is in her month period perhaps?

lolx and u should give her a kiss..
she surely shut the hell up


ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

hho. binatang ape kah itu?

2 truck bomba? hebat2

Munir said...

best gile jadi kau...hahhaa.

Zacharias said...

gile bazir duit rakyat. haha. tapi kira cepat gak ah dia leh datang

panggil aku shEh said...

nape Munir ckp best giler jdik ko?

ihsan_huhu said...

to xuen:
naa.. she's not that hot

to syafiq:
tuh possum mampos kat tepi jalan

to munir:
tuh r sape suro carik awek kan dh susa idop.. wahahhaa

to ki:
mmg bazir gle.. pastuh dok sembang sesame sendrik.
lgpon balai polis tuh 20 tapak je dr tpt eksiden tuh

to sheh:
munir tuh gay mmg camtuh