Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Goodbye Eddy, Shida n Cica

My earliest memory of Eddy tracked back to mid yr 2006, when i was informed by Aie dat someguy called 'Eddy' is coming and will be squatting at our house. 'Eddy', what kind of malay name is dat? straight away in my head i was contemplating he must b a cheeky, mummyboy kind of person. so he came in july06, and the 1st thing i ever remembered asking him doing was this. then he got married to his gf, and moved out of the house last yr.

best & fairest

"anak aku mmg suke makan..."

last few days i've been commuting to Eddy's house on a regular basis, helping him out on moving his furnitures n boxes, n i am quite fortunate to be able to met him last night, b4 he left this morning, cosidering i got a punctured tyre, fixed dat n cycled 18+kms (i also rejected 2-3 working shifts in 5 days to suit his busy schedule). i really dont mind doing all these, i just cant say enough thanks to him, who helped me a lot in all sorts of stuffs within the 3 short years. he might not be the most religious n organised person i've ever met, but really I admired his way of dealing with things, therefore the best n fairest award shud go to him. naaa.. i'll keep the award but he truly deserve my respect n admiration. thanks a lot!

i'll be missing u sweet ppl (bapa misali)

----------------------end of gay stuff----------------------------

1. End of Paed Rehab placement

no rest, started adult rehab at the hampstead rehab last monday uhh..

oh those happy hippo times

2. Missa Cup

group stage xlepas. organiser pon mcm kelam kabut je. overall ok la dpt best&fairest.

winning team ... hahaha

tgk kaki la brader...

3. Croydon Vs Foxes.

not a good week last saturday. i got lost and went to the wrong place (damn u googlemap), 1 guy from the U-19 got smacked in the back n stuffed his kidney (grade IV), still in hospital until today, thank god they did not have to remove the kidney (grade V), n the seniors lost despite playing against 9 men, and was leading twice. so these r the results:

Croydon Vs Foxes
U-19: 1-3
Reserves: 3-0
Seniors: 3-2

ps: not so bz yet a bit crazy lately
. more pics here.


zacharias said...

giler kaki. macam orang baru balik perang. haha

husna afifi said...

tp kalau tgk ki
ki lg mcm org balik berjuang

ihsan_huhu said...

to ki:
mesti2.. sbb tuh dpt award hahaha

to una:
ki siap kne tembak.. fi sabilillah..

{Suria Muhammad} said...

'naaa.. i'll keep the award'

dh agak dh..

ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

kaki x betol sbb tu mng, btw, apsal asik tuka2 topi tu?

ihsan_huhu said...

to kuki:
bese r, bkn selalu dpt award free2

to syafiq:
dh topi tuh ade byk.. suap ade full costume lg

panggil aku shEh said...

xcaye ar budak kecik tu bleh mkn sume tu..

mangkuk statik said...

bai eddy! uwaaaaaa
kaki cam org 50 tahun. Kau ni aging so fast and all yr body parts is falling one by one. Takpe . Asalkan yg tu jalan dan rambut stay, kira beres la pak

xuen adyla said...

kaki ko buruk

ihsan_huhu said...

to sheh:
aku pon xcaye

to mangkok:
yg tuh jalan tp xpnh test n rambut pon ok

to xuen:
kaki ko lawa