Sunday, June 22, 2008

week 12 + Exam(Holiday) + YE review

home game against Adelaide Hill Hawks. at last, we won all 3 games. 3 important points for the seniors n reserves, but not that important for the U-19. so here r the results:

Foxes vs Hawks:
U-19: 2-0
Reserves: 3-1
Seniors: 1-0


so exam period kicked-off last saturday, but my winter holiday already started on last thursday. i cant tell u guys how much i missed Wayville and exams. all the best to all who r sitting the exams. wish me luck with my holiday! i'll be in Kangaroo Island for 3 days (5-7th of July) utk tanam2 pokok.

argh.. susah lak nk tulis.. lain kali r... nk g tampal tayar beskal. cilake nyer org2 mabuk yg memecahkan botol merate2. dammit!

ps: Go Russia!! (Oranje sudah kalah)

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husna afifi said...

laa...asik prob je beskal esan ni!