Sunday, June 29, 2008

boring saturday + next saturday

no match yesterday... boring gle xtau nk watpe kat umah...

but next saturday shud be more fun!

Dear Volunteer,

The Kangaroo Island Nationally Threatened Plant Project needs your help to save five unique plant species whose worldwide distribution comprises only a small section of eastern Kangaroo Island. These plants and the habitat they rely upon have been declining for at least 20 years due to a number of factors including weed invasion and altered fire regimes. By far the biggest threat to their future recovery however is a lack of habitat.

In 2004 the project set about altering this situation by establishing some humble field trials to test whether threatened plant habitat could be recreated on land used previously for agriculture. These trials have since grown and evolved into the 15% Habitat Project, a program that sets out to enlarge key patches of threatened plant habitat across eastern Kangaroo Island.

The 15% Habitat Project gained momentum in 2007 with the holding of the first large scale KI planting festival. This planted a total of 20,000 tubestock at three sites. In 2008 we aim to raise the bar a lot further by planting 80,000 plants over 50 acres in three days. To do this we will need the help of many. If you can spare the time to lend a hand we would love to see you there. Please also spread the word to others that might be interested.

See you in July.

Dave Taylor

Threatened Plant Project Officer

Regional Conservation, Kangaroo Island

Department for Environment and Heritage, SA

esta muy perezoso y días de fiesta es muy aburrido. Hasta la Proxima!


AimiR said...

ni ke projek menanam tu?
bagus sekali tujuan dia,,,ape2 yang dibuat macam ni patut dicontohi,,bawak balik ke Malaysia jadikan inspirasi

btw,,, hidup tak pokok tu kalau tanam di malaysia?
boleh tanam belakang rumah... ;D

penyoo said...

spesis longfolia jack takde?hahah tanam tongkat ali kt oz dowh.. manyak untung!!

penyoo said...

btw kat mesia dulu dh ada dh..aku tanam..dier buat serentak kt mesia. tp kene perlu kerap la buat