Saturday, June 14, 2008

week 11 + Yusuf Estes Tour in Adelaide

away games at the Rushworth Reserve, Blair Athol, home to the Enfield City FC. Cut the crap, here r the results:

Enfield vs Foxes:
U-19: 1-6
Reserve: 4-2
Seniors: 1-1

Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

Apologies for this short notice. Yusuf Estes will visit to Adelaide on 16th and 17th of June. The event on the 16th of June is for the general public and Yusuf Estes is famous for people embracing Islam at his lectures. It is the ideal opportunity to educate the people of Adelaide and insha Allah even get some new Muslims.

We have approximately 400 seats to fill in the Burnside Ballroom. It is a wonderful venue with plenty of off street parking. So as a community, if we all encourage those around us who have shown an interest in learning more about our religion to attend this event, insha Allah we can fill all the seats in the ballroom.

Here are the details for the event.

Lecture 1: For the general public of Adelaide
Title: Demystifying Islam
(Understanding the Most Misunderstood Religion of the 21st Century)
Time: Monday, 16th June, 7pm (registration: 6.30pm)
Place: Burnside Ballroom
401 Greenhill Road, Burnside
Cnr Greenhill Road/ Portrush Road

Lecture 2: For the Sisters
Time: Tuesday, 17th June, 10am~12pm (Arrive by 9.45am for a 10am start, Yusuf Estes has another engagement after and cannot delay his talk.)
Place: Dulwich Community Centre
14 Union St, Dulwich

N.B.: In order for you to truly enjoy this opportunity it is better if you can find someone to look after your children during this event. Those who need assistance with children please contact Sis Khadejah on
0401 751 374 or

Lecture 3: An Entertaining Evening for our Muslim community. Enjoy a humorous evening of Estes's style reminders!!
Time: Tuesday, 17th June, 7pm (registration: 6.30pm)
Place: University of SA, City East Campus
Room H2-02, off Frome Road

N.B.: - (Strictly no children under 12 years of age.)
- Campus map of City East
Plan of the H building at City West showing location of H2-02

Let's put Adelaide on the International Speakers list by making this event a huge success! Insha Allah.

Jazakumullahu khairan (May Allah SWT reward you all with good)

Assalamu Alaykum w.b.t.


Zacharias said...

wah, sekali lagi team U-19 ni membelasah. Sure top scorer + top league.

Oh, Sheikh wahabi ni datang. haha. bagus aa. cuma harap-harap, dia takde aa kutuk2 orang lain. takde la kutuk2 hamza yusuf ke per kan..

WIth great powers come great responsibilities...

n said...

bes gle. nyesal x gi the other 2 lectures