Sunday, April 27, 2008

week 6 + ANZAC

we had a home match against the Pirates, a team from Port Adelaide. Gags got his 2nd gash on his face, and Jess is likely have torn ligaments, results of very physical games and unsportsmanship behaviours. enuff said and whine, the results r:

U-19: 1-2
Reserve: 2-1
Seniors: 1-1


Lower NE rd-Glynburn rd-Greenhill rd-Anzac Hway

in conjuction with ANZAC day, i decided to go down memory lane a.k.a go down ANZAC hiway all the way to Glenelg (come on, we got to do something better than grieving and watching old ppl marching). started cycling from Paradise at 9.56am, and arrived at the beach at 11.09am. on the way, i stopped at Coles to buy some food and another stop to answer an important call. then spent around 4hrs on the beach, melihat keindahan ciptaan tuhan, berenang2, bace buku sket n korek2 lubang. perbasikalan secara solo ini ditaja oleh diri sendiri. next expedition will be held during the coming break, maybe Paradise-Port Adelaide or some place a bit further away. no place is too far when u live in a place like Adelaide.

basikal dan barang2

reading hole

ps: Friday 25/4 was the Eastern Churh's Easter. they hav their mass in ancient Greek, which is understood by not many.


isuzu_aizu said...

'melihat keindahan ciptaan tuhan'.. hmmm gle fishy ;p

dude, lps ni g port adelaide aku taje sket aa air paip secawan. hakhakhak

zacharias said...

aku tau sangat apa yg indah itu. yang indah itu bahasa yang baik itu budi..

usen said...

wow! what a way 2 celebrate anzac day!aku rs ko bleh masuk 'le tour d adelaide' laa..haha =p

ihsan_huhu said...

isuzu_aizu: fishy la sbb tei laut byk ikan..

zacharias: haha.. mcm unlikely je... xseswai r lak

usen: give me an at-least-$2k-bike... n some lycra. i belive i can!