Monday, April 14, 2008

cup round 0f 36 + holiday

week 5, we had a cup round against Nothern Demons in Port Pirie. 11 ppl were on the bus departing at 7.30am ( i was cycling at 6am). it took 3 hrs to get there.

Demons vs Foxes
U-19: 5-5 (pen:8-7)
Reserve: 1-1 (pen:2-4)
Senior: 1-2

all games went on into extra time, which is unusual. then went to a local pub for free dinner (chips n veggie springrolls r not that bad.. n a lemonade). arrived at the clubhouse at 11.30pm, and reached Wilcoxx at 12.40am due to an undisclosed reason.

sorg mamat mendapat injury sebegini lalu datanglah ambulan


jumaat malam bermasak2 kat umah kucai utk AGM umno, sabtu berPt Pirie n ahad berAdelaide Cup (2nd, kalah ngn team macha, gambar2 kt cni). Isnin (today) bermalas2. selasa berkerja2, rabu berCPR Revision Course, kamis berkerja2 lg. n a fren of my mom is ere, so mungkin kne jadik tourist guide etc, he still yet to contact me (yess.. ade mase bermalas2 sambil menderita kesakitan seluruh badan akibat perbolaan yg intensif)

medal ibarat gelang

signed cap yg dikasik oleh 3

arsenal kalah lg... xdek luck r smlm.. haih

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eeejump said...

xde luck? ble nk ade luck beb :p