Sunday, September 06, 2009

a week it was..

1. bye2 FMC

i passed my musculoskeletal rotation last thursday, n completed the 6-week term last friday. still an assignment to submit and a test to sit this thursday, but the relief of not failing the rotation is hard to overtcome.

2. hello superleague 2010

last saturday, it was a play-off game between the Foxes and the White city away at their ground. the winner of the match will play in the cup final, n will b the 2nd team to be promoted into the super league next season. it was a "sell-out" attendace, there should be at least 800 ppl, mostly the home supporters, came to cheer their teams. we started well n scored early into the match. there were few nervous moments, and with frustration creeping in, the play started to turn ugly. towards the end of the game, the manager told us not to get involve with the shits we're going to receive from the home fans, as it is commonly practiced among ethnic-based fcs. as we walked out of the bench towards the changing room, there was already an arguement happening, but it was between a home fan with the home team coach. i just smirked in amazement n walked off. so the CUFC r going to play in the Super League with the likes of Adelaide City, Metrostars etc. gonna be much more fun, and a lot more interesting injuries!

other results:

u19: Croydon 2-3 Foxes
Reserves: Croydon 2-1 Foxes

3. part-time work

i worked 5 days straight monday-friday, n missed all the free nasik arabs for 5 days in a row. for 2 days i broke my fast with strawberries, fries n onion rings in the HJ's changing room, and did not had rice for 5 days. so sabtu n ahad kasik hentam puas2 iftar masjid city n umah kirby yg baru td. skang nih rs mcm octomum je, nk bangun p toilet pon malas wahahahaha.

but the thing is, im a bit disappointed to have to miss all the tarawihs at the mosques.

n i think i've saved enuff money, n various frens/family member suggested me to pergi haji/beli beskal baru/beli moto/jalan2 europe/kawen??/byk yuran uni, but i still havnt decide yet what to do with the money. surely not the kawen part, not for now. well, i was born a saver not a spender (spender wtf)

4. Melbourne Trip

i havnt plan anything yet, i havnt seriuosly contacted anybody in melbourne to arrage my accomodation n other things. i guess i am becoming more carefree overtime n as long as i can spend some time with my brother within the week (17-24 sept), i'll be satisfied with the trip. i recieved a call from him this afternoon, he is in mlebourne already! woho! my plan is to stay a couple of days with frens from Monash Uni, n lepak2 with frens from Melbourne Uni as raya approaching. i was told that MSD held quite a big hari raya feast in previous years, so surely i'll b around the city for that. so budak2 Melben yg kebosanan, ataupon awek2 melben yg kesunyian leh r kontek2 aku, leh kite bermoreh2 beramai2.

5. other stuffs

cow-head issues: those r things we can expect coming from those ppl just by glancing at their leaders' behavior, a truly rempit's professionalism.

stuff uni works n other stuffs, im off now. go read newspapers instead! i'll put up some pics later.. i mean really really later. like 2 or 3 days later.


mediaposter said...

bro there's no such thing as being born a saver or spender.

a saver saves enough money to spend on an expensive thing, or more cheaper things.

unless if you invest them in high-interest accounts, chances are later your purchasing power may fall below inflation rate.


so go buy a canondale !

Lutfie said...

ekleh.duet bnyak2 pegi bejoli laa.simpan2 bukan bole jadi karipap kentang panas.

ihsan_huhu said...


canondale? i prefer Orbea


mmg r tp leh mengebas anak makcik pembuat karipap panas

Abang Ben said...

disebabkan ko tak tarawih di wandana menyebabkan populasi melayu Malaysia yang solat kat situ berkurangan menjadi 2, kadang2 1. Sila hadirkan diri.

panggil aku shEh said...

kene marah ngan yana!

beli la bnde tok kprluan jgka mse pnjang. xpon tok jgka mse pndek.. blanje makan!
best kowt!

Anonymous said...

hey maybe u shud buy a car...
definitely cheaper to get a new car in OZ if u have so much savings

ihsan_huhu said...


nasib baik td aku berjaye mengekalkan populasi melayu di tahap 1


xrase pon mcm kne marah. ala belanje makan bosan siot. nnt r aku throw in satu party utk dak2 yg nk grad kang

ps: girls who dont take jokes r boring


cars r not my thing at the moment. i'll save that option for later

mediaposter said...
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mediaposter said...

the other day there was one chap in perth selling his orbea for 300aud.... without the front wheel (got stolen)

and yeah... its really hard to find 2nd hand canondale. see, people are not willing to let go of it :)

husna afifi said...

blikn kete mercedes utk umi n ayah sebab dorg teringin nk pakai...xpun kete sport mcm honda celica..umi bekenan tu dr dulu

xpun dtg r jln2 uk bile2 bosan
kn byk membe2 kt sini
leh gak melawat adik tercinta gak...

bestnye beraya ngn ki..apa, kak yam ikut skali ke/?

ihsan_huhu said...

tgk, orbea siap org nk curik, xdpt beskal tayar pon jadik r.
orbea=spain, cannondale=too english


xdek r byk sgt duit sp nk bli Merc. tuh r uzair ajak g jalan2 UK krismas nih, tp cam malas r lak. baik g jepon ke fiji ke argentina ke

husna afifi said...

uzair mana?idrisiah?dia kt uk?

g r jepun ke cina ke korea ke
jd r adikbradik kite pertama ke area sana

una skrg kt rmh faridah kwn esan yg kmb n mrsm pc
dia kem slm laaa

zacharias said...

Apa kejadah nak gi UK time krismas? dah la siang pendek, sejuk. nak jalan pun tak sempat, dah gelap.

Abg kat geelong, sejuk siot tempat ni. ahad cuti, ingat petang sabtu nak amek train ke melbourne. accommodation kat melbourne tak sort lagi, ingat nak crash la rumah sape2.

kalau nak datang geelong, ok gak. flight ke airport mana? kalau datang sini, ada apartment, buleh je nak tido2.

ihsan_huhu said...

uzair idrisiah r, sbb kan skanga de ubi kat sane.

oh idah tuh, die xgarang ke? biro puteri woo hahahaha

tuh r lg pon krismas gaji double mane leh xkje wahahaha

geelong tuh bkn dkt ngn Gr8 ocean rd dh r kan? g r jalan2 kl nk usha.

esan trn epot tullamerine. lepak2 geelong pon mcm ok je.. tgk r nnt camne

Anonymous said...

raya balik mesia la wei. heaven!