Saturday, September 12, 2009

Exciting opportunity for Malaysians In Australia

Dear All

Sports Medicine Australia has been successful in our funding application to the Australian/Malaysian association.

This means we can support malaysian nationals to attend this year's conference. Depending how many requests we get, we can do anything from fully funded down to a rego waiver. Thus far we have one fully-funded delegate who qualified because he had submitted an abstract (later withdrawn because of lack of funds - lucky him!)

As time is short, this will be a case of first in, best dressed. If you have any Malaysian colleagues, collaborators, contacts - please let me know. If they submit an abstract, they will get a poster.

NBNB This also applies to any Malaysian nationals working or studying in Australia.

The only requirement we make is that they attend a Safer Sport program train the trainer workshop on the Sunday after the conference.

Apologies for multiple sending as I have sent to groups.

All the best

Gary Moorhead
Chief Executive Officer
Sports Medicine Australia
PO Box 78 Mitchell, ACT, 2911
Ph 61 2 6241 9344
Fax 61 2 6241 1611

Mobile 0418 555877

so i called Gary, n below was the email i got from him


Dear Mohamad
This is a bit like winning the lottery because the short lead time means we have to make fast decisions.
If you are able to attend, the grant will cover your conference registration, return airfare Adelaide to Brisbane and your accommodation for 4 nights at the Ibis hotel in Brisbane, taxi fares in Brisbane, all lunches and dinner Thursday (River Cruise) and Saturday (Conference Dinner).
You will need to pay for:
* Taxis in Adelaide
* Breakfasts
* Dinner Wed/Fri
NB The other condition of attending is that you also attend a workshop on Sunday 18 (day after the Conference) with the other Mayalsian delegates. This will be a train the trainer session to enable you to teach the Sports Medicine Australia sports trainer course.
Information about the Conference can be found at
Let me know as soon as possible if you wish to attend as we are allocating the funds on a first come first served basis.

ps: this is no joke, n if u have any Qs, call the contact given above, put in some effort instead of being so malay n tanya aku mcm2 konon2 nk play safe.


zacharias said...

The first "malay n tanya aku mcm2 konon2 nk play safe" kalau engineer pun boleh ke (nak play safe konon2).

Haha, no la, got work to do

Lutfie said...


ihsan_huhu said...

asal mesia je leh balun.. xdek hal. pakcik 60 taun ex-pesawah padi pon buleh

ade aku ltk gamba awek cun ke dlm post nih? konfius2

mus said...

ihsan ko kompem p ke? aku cm berminat nnt aku cek ngan lect aku, leh p ke x..

panggil aku shEh said...

go go Mohamad!

ihsan_huhu said...

mcm komfem. bende2 free camnih mane leh tolak

bapak ko name pe?

panggil aku shEh said...

err.. xboleh blah.
g tgk awek pakai baju biru kt page aku. Nasuha ingt?