Sunday, May 25, 2008

week 9 + +++++...

at last, the 1st win for the senior team at home ground.. after 0-1 down at half-time whistle. 4 goals in 20 mins.. (1 freekick, 1 penalty.. and another 2 goals). having not being in the changing room at the half time for quite a long time, i was quite suprised that the only advice given by the captain and coach (suspended for 3 matches.. ha ha) is "to be patient n dont panic.. and the goals will come"
congatulation to Rob ( the reserve coach, Capello look-alike), who was the substitute coach for the senior team, eventhough the reserve lost their match beforehand... good job coach!
so the results: Foxes vs Panthers
U-19: 5-1
Reserves: 0-1
Seniors: 4-1

skang kat Uni, bercadang2 mau menggerakkan assignement pain science, tp tertinggal plak sheet yg penting kat umah.. cis2.. tp still tergerak gk assignment nih... n kne parctice utk roleplay spanish, 30% tuh.. haih
n hal2 lain spt lawn mower etc .. argh2...

ninja kat Rundle Mall... bace kat sini (tq kpd en master)
ps: slmt berexem kpd org2 yg berexem


Zacharias said...

kuat gile u-19 team ni. memanjang belasah je

Anonymous said...

ninja yang bodoh..tak ikut protokol sebagai ninja..malu2