Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cup round of 18 + Mother's Day

against Modbury Jets. not a good week, the results reflect the fact that the foxes r playing against a team from a superior league, but the senior game was really2 a no-luck situation. total domination, they had one chance and that's it. it also happened that this kid was the goalkeeper for the club's u-15 few years ago, so we had a 1-minute silence and all players wore black armband before the reserve's match. n the goalkeeper of the opponent's reserve team is my spanish classmate, who later made a stupid mistake and cost them a penalty kick.

the results: Foxes vs Jets
Reserves: 1-2
Seniors: 0-1

next week: away at Santos Stadium

I am Fatimah binti Mohd. Noor. I have been with FKA since 30 June 1977. I was then a Diploma graduate from UTM and was appointed as an Assistant Lecturer B. I completed my Bachelor (Hons.) in Civil Engineering at the University of Glasgow in 1981, and Master in Engineering (Hydraulics) at UTM 15 years later. Currently, I am an Associate Professor with the Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology, and the Deputy Dean for Academic affairs. Thus, I am in-charge of the academic affairs and overall running of our Faculty programmes for undergraduate students of about 1500. I hold a Professional Engineer status since 2004 by virtue of my one-year professional attachment with SAJ Holdings in Johor Bahru.

I started teaching the Diploma and Undergraduate programmes in 1981. The subjects were Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Hydrology and Engineering Drawing. Since 2002 I was teaching the postgraduate students for Water Supply Engineering. Until 2004, I was the course coordinator for Fluid Mechanics and Water Supply Engineering. In addition to the usual teaching load, I usually supervise roughly 5 students every year for Final Year Projects. On top of this, I also supervised students attending to their industrial training. In summary, until now I have collected more than 20 years of teaching time and experience, and supervised more than 100 final year project students. For my contributions in teaching, I was awarded The Best Lecturer in 1998. I was also the guest speaker in UTM-IWK Training the Trainer post-graduate programme.

I was the head of Hydraulics Lab between 1987 to 1989, in which period FKA was relocated to Skudai. In 2000, I was more heavily involved with administration of the faculty. I was appointed the first Head of Department for External Programmes. I was in-charge of management of human resource, facilities and academic for about 500 part-time students. In addition, I was a chair and member of a number of task forces and committees at FKA and University levels. In recognition of my service contributions, I obtained the Jasa Bakti in 1997, and Excellent Service Awards twice in 1999 and 2004. Between 2002-2003 I underwent one-year attachment at SAJ (Hldgs.) Sdn. Bhd., upon which I secured my P.E status. I obtained my Associate Professorship in 2002.

My publication work started in 1981. I started to compile notes to become textbooks for subjects of my lecture. I produced one textbook per year in various fields of hydraulics & hydrology and soil mechanics between 1991- 1995, though some are translation pieces, through UTM Publisher. At present, some of them are still in use as main reference by UTM and other institutions. My Mekanik Bendalir untuk Kejuruteraan Awam won the Best Seller in 2003, and I also won another UTM Publication award as Best Editor (Malay) for 2004. My most recent publication work is an adaptation version of R.L. Mott’s Applied Fluid Mechanics. I was also involved with some editing, reviewing and proofreading of textbooks, theses, articles and papers. As far as conference and journal papers are concerned, I have more than 30 pieces to my credit. My publication work is not only restricted to the above-mentioned. I also assist in the making of quite a number of reports, manuals, guidelines, and other documentation at the faculty and university levels.

My research and consultancy work interest is in the fields of Hydraulics and Water Supply Engineering; i.e. Water Conservation, Domestic Water Meters, Self-cleansing Intakes, and Non-Revenue Water. I embarked in these areas since 1988. However, it was in 1997 that I secured a contract research grant. My other research projects were actually unfunded, therefore they were executed through the assistance of my final year students. On consultancy, I was a member in a team for two projects, i.e. Design Drawing with AutoCad in 1998 and Hydraulic Impact Assessment for a Kedah coastal reclamation work in 2001.

To end my narration of myself, I personally feel that what can be more important than having endless tasks and busy schedule, is that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I will retire from UTM with fond memories.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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ihsan, gmba ko & mak ko tu tahun berape? ko kelihatan sgt muda & innocent!