Sunday, March 16, 2008

so the season started...

3 items to wear/ bring during match day

1. the club shirt: so that people know u r allowed to be within the change room area, n for the social event post-match (makan free)

2. the tag: required by the FFSA for people who r going to be on the bench and on the field.

3. the club staff card: for free entrance to the ground. u hav to pay $7 if u dont have this card.

after a very successful pre-season (xde kalah, draw dgn team dlm league yg lg atas), it was a shock dat the Foxes was defeated by the Cobras 0-1 at home. a very contrasting atmosphere in the changing rooms. we dominated the game and have more shots on goal, shud hav won dis game (mcm tgk game arsenal lak, good build-up, shots straight kat keeper). i hav to treat Gagsy who suffered 2 bloody cuts, on his nose bridge n his forehead.

more action as the season get going.

apam dan kek besdaynya
(maple-peach cake yg dibuat oleh chef kat paradise)

ps: sape yg xberkesempatan berNorth Tce utk mengusha Festival of Light, ade la sket2 gamba kat sini, SD card ROSAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKK!!


nurulaini said...

sedihnye sd card rosak. simpati aku.

serius nih aku bersimpati.

sebab gambar2 dlm sd card aku ngn intan cun melecun. :-"

zacharias said...

wei, camner keje? ada banyak travel away match ke