Saturday, November 17, 2007

how to celebrate??

*fahmi, sile prektis skill ini

i bet jLo with her tight sweet ass will be struggling very hard to do this. with additional baby in her stomach rite now, she'll be dreaming to do that!

next paper: 23/11/07


* Fahmi adalah jejaka hensem yg terel bermain sbg golkeeper dan sweeper, selain merupakan wicket keeper yg hebat


sarahmarilyn said...

that's funny, as if there's a spring attached beneath his butt haha

angchoonseong said...

sila hantar fahmi kemari.

Edin tarak
1) melayu
2) keeper

Anonymous said...

aku dah try practice skill ni
mmg susah r
camner mamat ni leh wat??...payah doh

Eve said...

why u always find weird video on football..