Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day 2010

1. Kje

sejak akhir2 nih rs mcm tensen lak kje. mungkin sbb org2 yg kje skalik tuh lembap2 belake. sape2 yg kje closing tau r betape tensennye kje ngn org2 lembap time close. haih. on a better note, amber called me just now, asking me if i can work tomorrow. yes double pay wahahahaha!

n mggu lps dh dpt email from Cumberland Utd, pre season matches akan start ujung bulan nih. i'll start commuting to n fro the Bailey reserve not until feb. saje buat2 bz konon hahahaha.

2. Visa

my visa extension application has been approved, which enables me to stay here until mid yr 2011. hopefully i'll be working as a proper physio around that time. amin.

3. Sports

i havnt been lucky last nite, all the team/person i backed to win lost. 1st up, it was fernando gonzalez lost to roddick. Roddick was childish to whinge abt the fan, well he was losing at that moment. just keep ur money n shut up dude. these ppl pay a lot to watch u play.

then, arsenal were humiliated by stoke city. they were rather more a weakened backline than a weakened side. lack of organisation at the back cost the team heavily. well, same old story and we'll see how these boys will respond against Aston Villa this thursday.

finalmente, i spent sometime watching Ivory Coast Vs Algeria. straight away we can see why Algeria able to qualify to the WC later this yr. the dessert fox were sharp on the attack, and made the Ivorians look average. eventho Kolo Toure's was mistakenly ruled off-side, Algeria were the deserved winner.

4. TDU '10

i managed to join the crowd of cycling lovers touring the Tour Village last week to catch a glimpse of the stars. dapat gk free lip balm beberape bijik n other free stuffs, n test brg2 yg pelik2.

Andre Griepel a.k.a the Gorilla, the tour winner

Robbie McEwen -3rd

awek steward kat situ dpt signature Armstrong
(aku mmg terel wat2 frenly dgn awek steward yg kiut2)

5. Change, yes we dont give a crap!

aku skang offically pindah dok ruang tamu, so tinggal lah rumet aku en syafiq seorg diri dlm bilik dlu tuh. senangla die nk bergayut2 n berjiwang mlm2 kang. balik kang selamat r ko kemas bilik tuh wahahahah!

bende2 yg dibeli dlm mggu lps

sekian, happy Australia Day to all including those who took sickie today. good on ya!

how ironic

ps: officially skang aku dok sorg kat umah, azri baru blah g melben td. gamba2 lain ade kat sini


ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

HDD kita sama!

apit nyer merah

Lutfie said...

apa lagi layan blue aa tiap2 malam.takyah g wandana tu dah.

ihsan_huhu said...

kat mesia bape harge die?

lyn blue kat wandana r br otai

zacharias said...

fuh, siapakan newscaster itu?

hybrid said...

like ur headline but is it really u... huhuhu

ihsan_huhu said...

tuh nikki barnett, sports correspondent for channel 10. dok tunggu kot bonehead masuk news kat tv tp tertido plak arituh.

tuh mesti r bkn aku, tuh miranda kerr time dating ngn aku tepi tasik taun lepas.