Saturday, July 04, 2009

bosan tp bizi

1. Holiday, 1 week less already!

19Kms, ~1hr. i hate the hilly Grand Jcn Rd

Nothing much happened during the 1st week fo holiday, i am pretty much working everyday, replacing few ppl who r off for exams, sickness, holiday etc. well, as long as i get money i shud b happy, at least for now. so the only interesting thing done was cycling to Semaphore yesterday (saturday). it was originally a trip for the away games at the Pirates Park, but the location is too close to the beach to not to spend some times watching the sunset+solat maghrib on the jetty . unfortunately it was cloudy n windy n dark. well, im not a keen sunsets chasers anyway, it's not that interesting unless it's bukak puasa time, or watching hot chix watching the sun sets, which is quite the similar concepts to bukak puasa as well, instead of bukak mulut, u open ur.... eyes.

so the results are:
Olympics Vs Foxes

U-19: 0-1
Reserves: 0-5
Seniors: 2-1

more pics ere.

2. Integriti

talking about integriti, i think we (or them, up there) shud learn from these honest policemen, they might b struggling to feed their kids with their salary, but they have integrity. or mayb the ppl in malaysia already learnt from the politicians, not to take RM10k or RM 500k and only accept at least a RM10mil+a submarine offer at one time. well, u know C4s n international hookers r quite expensive nowadays. and i think instead of being promoted to detektif sarjan n korperal respectively, PM n TPM posts shud b appropriate for them.

3. Full-fingered gloves

having survived 2 winters cycling with half-fingered gloves without any frostbites, i managed to land myself a full-fingered one, which i only wear them if i am cycling early in the morning, or on a really2 freezing days (<10c). i still prefer the half-finger one tho.

having a gay time of my own


ainishamsi said...

nih gamba amik pakai timer kamera ke?

Naqiuddin Zairi said...

cool picture dude!

ihsan_huhu said...

to aini:
ye r, aku kl g berbeskal jauh2 sure r sorg2

to naq:
cool n windy

Lutfie hensem said...

sejuk sial cycling time2 cmni.muka aku rasa cam nak bercerai.

nkecik said...

sungguh gay.

ihsan_huhu said...

to lutfie:
xckop ganas r cmnih muke sejuk... pe brg

to n:

zacharias said...

hehe, kat oz kena pakai helmet.

satu lagi kena cover telinga. kalau tak, mau tanggal beb

nadxoxo said...

lawa gamba last tu~

ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

basikal dia handle best. kat msia mahal cam vavi

zacharias said...

vavi tu per? perodua viva ke
ataupun vavi adalah makhluq yang paling digemari masyarakat mesia

ihsan_huhu said...

to ki:
skang br start cover kepale n telinga.. dh start sejuk smlm

to nad:
lg cun kl ade awek cun kat blakang

to syafiq:
kat sini pon mhl, tuh yg made in china pasang sendrik bli kat ebay

to ki lg:
vavi tuh sure r yg byk kne selesema br2 nih

panggil aku shEh said...

cantiknye gambo!
mmg nmpak agak bosan

AyanaAsham said...

huhu.besh gile melepak cam tuh

ihsan_huhu said...

to sheh:
bkn bosan tp penat

to ayana:
mmg bes