Sunday, March 25, 2007

lazy weekends

too lazy to do anything.. apart from watching tv, play football n chatting..
so i decided to watch some movies at bear's place... 1st movie, i fall asleep in the middle of it. then i came accross one malay movie "tentang bulan"

the intro and starting part of the movie was fun enough to watch, but when it arrives to its main storyline, it becomes a typical malay movie... this movie is kind of carbon copy to a thai movie "Fan Chan (My Girl)". for those who had watched the thai's version, the mood of watching killed instantly. (surely the Jeab-NoiNa one is better)

come on malay movie producers, cant u all just come up with ur own, original idea? dont think that u can make big bucks by adapting other peoples storyline into yours.dont fool people to pay for such shit.(yet still they gain a lot from movies produce, fucking annoying, thanks to all the pirated stuffs) evethough i really hate sepet n all the amani's, at least nobody can argue the originality (or is there?)

afdlin is still the best when it comes to malaysia's movie production field.

ps: got some readings n assignments to be done.. malas gile... aaaaaa


zacharias said...

go afdlin..

cat cross the road,

sometimes cat stevens cross the road also

ainishamsi said...

i think malay movie are rather garbage than art. yet i am one of the fans.hahaha. well, whatever it is, kudos to afdlin.

ulahu said...

bapak mak pegi pasar..
i e i e o

muhammad teja said...

amani's film are also adapted. Apa nama producer dia ntah? Crita gubra tu adapt dari crita maghribi. kalo rasa nk rosak iman, tgk la crita2 camtu...