Thursday, March 08, 2007

gunners gone...

definitely not a good day to talk about...
early morning... ARSENAL KALAH .. yer.. KALAH ... dok sebok main pas2 dlm penalty box, sp lupe lak nk shoot.. huh

Here’s some facts that come to mind: (pow from

  • We simply don’t shoot and all the criticism we get for playing “beautiful football” over “practical football” is often justified.
  • Julio Baptista should not be brought back, he doesn’t know how to use his power and lacks finesse.
  • Arsene Wenger made a mistake in not playing Henry in the first half, if the man is healthy, there’s no reason whey he can’t play the first half but play the second. Just don’t play him at all if he’s not ready. Kill off the anticipation.
  • Emmanuel Adebayor is good but he should’ve put the Gunners up 2-0, his finish on the breakaway was extremely poor.
  • The defensive substation of Diaby for Ljunberg didn’t work out.
  • Injuries kept us from advancing the CL but even with the injuries, we had the squad to go past PSV, we just didn’t convert our chances.
then i mistakenly took 506 bus which then stuck in early morning traffic (rundle road closed due to clipsal 500 last weekend, have to use other road). luckily i only late 5-10 mins for anat lecture... after a one-mile-early-morning-run. it seems like all the brain stuff in the lecture didnt really went into my brain at all.

afternoon : PBL... (well.. u know...)

the only good about today is.. APAM's Birthday... (not really important unless u r gay)

cubaan membuat muka jambu

ps: diharap apam akan terus sihat.. hoho


pp said...

arsenal balik ei..
haih...pbl pbl..i noe i noe..
harini buat bodo lagi dlm pbl..

gulana said...

kalah itu kalah saja

suraya said...

ya..semoga apam makin sihat dan x lagi meminati rain