Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farrouge 200X-2009

Thu 25/03/09, Adelaide witnessed another loss as Mr Farrouge, a renowned MCGayGay activist boarded his flight away to KL for good. According to his spokeperson, it all started as he was so frustrated of the brokedown of his longterm relatioship with his Alpha, just wanna b known as Jayjay in mid feb last yr.

Farouk n Jayjay in Malibu 06

the neverending feud saw Farouk's efforts to claim back his beloved Port Power merchandises from Jayjay's grip. He met local officials n celebrities n tried to bribe them with maggimee in order to speed up the legal process.

with SA Premier, Mike Rann

"gimme back me Choco action figure, bitch!!"

he also tried to establish un-gay relationship to clear his name, like by dating local celebrities, bribed celebs.

with Nicky Barnett, channel 10 Sports correspondent

He was a complete loser and had a very miserable life back then, until he met Syafiq Mat, n join the Usrah led by Syafiq Mat himself. that was the 1st time i met him (i cant really think of how the heck i got to know this guy, tru sarah? tru mongger? tru aie? let's not do too much thinking ere)

The peak of our frenship was summer 07, oh those hot n sweaty nights at ur place. basicly i was left with no choice other than to befriend with him since most of the MAdelaidean went back home for holiday. I called his place home on most day for nearly 3 months. well, who can resist free food n free internet rite? (i did offer to buy grocery n stuffs but he, being such a generous person, refused to accept my good and ikhlas intention)

enuff said, Farrouge is now a totally changed man, did i say totally? nope, he's still gay.

have a nice Malaysian delight (eg: cendol KK, satay kajang, Firdaus Asyraf) back there n u'll forget us in no time, n we'll see u arnd in M'sia soon!! (n congrats to Im, skang ko buleh berjoli dgn kete ijau sesuka hati)

ps: sori r, aku plan nk g epot (tgk siap pkai past-tense ag), namun apekan daye boss call suro kje td. duit ngn member mane lg penting? mesti r duit... hahaha


Anonymous said...

good manipulation of all the pictures available in order to create such a seem-to-be-correct story. I would give u an A1 for ur English 1119. I guess if this were to be an answer for an exam question, the question might be: 'Based on all the pictures below, write an essay about the person in the pictures, by inter-relating every single picture in your story (40 marks)'.hehe

ihsan_huhu said...

1119 aku C5 ke C6 ntah

xdapek r

panggil aku sheh said...

agak2 kalo dok oversea jadik gitu la ek??
sorry kalo ade yg terasa.


ihsan_huhu said...

to sheh:
jd gitu tuh jd pe?

Lutfie said...

macam harammmmmm

Farouk said...

Thank you Ihsan.

PS: Oh btw, aku kenal kau through Mat Shah. Masa tu kat City Mosque. Kau dtg solat Isya' dgn dia.

ihsan_huhu said...

to lutfie:

to farouk:
gle aku mmg beriman dari dlu ag

Farouk said...

HAAAA!! Now I can remember how we met. As I said, kat masjid, waktu isya'...kau dtg sgn mat shah. aku tanya mat shah sape tu, dia ckp nama kau. pastu aku pun mcm, "owww". pastu aku gi kat kau nak salam, kau tgh baca Quran. kau salam aku balik pastu kau bg aku hershey's kisses. So who's the gay one now? Come on la, hershey's kisses??? You were and are still soo gay dude!

ihsan_huhu said...

to farouk:
romantik gle aku.. haha.. apsal aku xigt pon.

signither said...

dua2 gay.. lol mongol tableh blah..

GheySA said...

ghey bast*rds!

usen said... thats how ur relationship started!soo sweett...LOL

btw,all d best in ur future undertakings farouk!! adelaide misses u...esp mr.huhu! =p