Thursday, January 22, 2009

what with Obama?

from slavery to presidency?

-Obama is not a slave, nor his forefathers. his father is a Kenyan student who got married to his white mom. bad call. do u think a son of a slave, even an ordinary person, can afford to study overseas years back then?

-he's not the 1st. read the history books n u shall see how many of slaves who later became khalifahs n important leaders. sorry, u americans r few years behind in terms of human right etc etc

conclusion: Obama is ain't no black american nigga! he's just another president, the 44th one, but with some brains!

ps: i still personally think dat Michelle Obama is a female version of Emmanuel Adebayor

cepat r puaka niyang rapik nih load pon.. pnt aku tggu nih


Cik Kmar said...

ko tgk puaka niang rapik gk ke. smngt tu load. haha.

agHoo said...

obama pon sama jerk..geng2 israel jgk.

Anonymous said...

obama oh obama..


thanks for visiting my site.. ;p


mangkuk statik said...

Aku rasa lah kan, obama tu adalah osama yg telah cukur janggut ngan misai dier. Abis semeur org tak cam.